Porous Paving: A Sustainable Landscaping Solution to Increase Your Home’s Value

July 3, 2014

There’s nothing like excellent landscaping to increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers. An attractive landscape has the potential of raising the worth of your residential property up to tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, it never goes out of style, giving your home a timeless appeal that would raise any buyer’s interest.

One of the most popular trends in the landscaping industry today is the usage of porous paving for pathways and garages. Here at StoneSet, we offer a range of top-quality permeable resin bound paving products and solutions that will help you achieve a durable and great-looking pavement to boost the overall functionality and aesthetics of your landscape. We focus on green outdoor paving, making sure each application remains friendly to the environment while staying true to your needs.

What is porous paving?        

We’ve gotten used to concrete, impervious pavements that do not allow rainwater or melted snow to seep back into the earth’s soil. With non-permeable pathways, water flows into gutters and drains, resulting in the accumulation of polluted water that infects our waterways and causes floods and water surges.

Porous outdoor paving lets water permeate back into the soil, allowing natural water filtration and recharging ground water sources. This supports the natural water cycle and helps us achieve cleaner and healthier waterways. This also boosts soil quality, improving the natural vegetation of your landscape, even in an urban milieu.

At StoneSet we now offer a remarkable porous paving solution that’s easy to apply, long-lasting and affordable—the Pour On Resin Gravel Binder for self-binding gravel pathways. Now you can easily create your own gorgeous, stable stone pathway. This Pour On Resin stabilises and binds gravel so well, you can say bye-bye to loose gravels and say hello to a solid but highly permeable walkway.

Why use porous paving for your landscape to raise your home’s value?

On top of the environmental benefits of porous paving, there are more reasons why it’s an excellent choice to boost your landscape, in turn increasing your home’s value.


You don’t need to break the bank to add a nice and beautiful stone pathway to your landscape. Crushed gravel or stone aggregates are a practical and inexpensive choice for pavers. Stabilise it with StoneSet’s Pour On Resin and you’ll have a strong and well-bonded gravel pathway in no time.

Long-lasting and low-maintenance

Concrete pathways are more susceptible to breakage; whereas resin-bound stone paths are more flexible and break-resistant. Since resin-based coating protects stone aggregates well, frequent maintenance is not needed. It is also durable enough to be used as your driving pathway.

Blends in with any surrounding

Whether you’re living in the city, suburbs or countryside, a gravel pathway blends easily with the surrounding environment. Most stone pavements come in neutral muted earth tones. These colours match any neighbourhood, house exterior and landscape design.

Attractive and easily customisable

Since gravel is loose, you can easily form your pathway according to the shape you want prior to applying the Pour On Resin Gravel Binder. A neatly crafted stone pathway also looks elegant and sophisticated, that’s why it’s a popular choice among landscape artists. Feel free to experiment with different landscaping ideas using stone aggregates to improve the overall appeal of your outdoor area.

Call us now at StoneSet and get access to quality and affordable sustainable porous paving solutions for your landscape.

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