Resin Bonded against Loose Gravel – Making the Smarter Choice

October 13, 2014

Nothing else entices the eye like a gravel-paved driveway. Designed properly, it leads the eye straight to the home. It enhances a home’s beauty while raising its value. However, like all things, loosely laid gravel also comes with a multitude of possible problems.

First, there’s the issue of dust and dirt. Driving vehicles on these paths means dragging dirt and dust everywhere. Second, there are sinkholes and ruts as a result of shifting. Loose gravel moves around over time. As they are treaded on, they compact. They also break and spread or get moved around. This means constantly filling out the sinkholes or pushing back loose stones to the pile. Third, for areas where snow falls, shovelling snow out of a pebbled path is a nightmare. It’s laborious and even more so when you actually have to pick out the stones that get included as you shovel.

But what if there was a way to obtain the look without dealing with the hassle?

The Smarter Choice

Using resin bonded permeable paving is one way to achieve this beautiful appearance without the travails of dealing with cluttered stones.

At Pour On, we specialise in binding and stabilising loose gravel. Using an especially formulated resin, we will match your stone and complete the pour so you can enjoy the gorgeousness of gravel without its disadvantages.

What else will you be getting? Here are more positive benefits to using this product:

1. Aesthetically pleasing

No doubt, a resin bound pathway or driveway is a sight to behold. It’s the perfect way to add value to your home while achieving the desired style you have in mind. Prior to using a binder, the stones can be arranged the way you want. Highlight your stunning oak doors by leading a pebble path towards it. You can also create a sleek and sophisticated driveway leading towards the garage.

Outdoor paving frames your home while also welcoming the viewer’s eyes directly to the intended focal point.

2. Durable

At Pour On, the resin we use is designed to last for more than 15 years. It can even be longer. This will depend on how the surface is used including the installation process, the stones used, as well as the stability of the base.

3. Inhibits weed growth

Pebble resin for instance, doesn’t allow weeds to sprout in between the stones. This cuts back on maintenance and keeps the pristine beauty of your pebbled pathway.

4. It’s easy to clean

Whether it’s a simple sweeping or a good hose down you are aiming for, cleaning is a breeze with resin bound gravel. There’s no need to worry about misplacing any stones while you clean, and cleaning with water is not a problem since the material is porous and allows for liquid to seep in.

5. No more potholes, shifting or damage

One of the most common pet peeves of homeowners is that loose stones often shift over time. They form irregular surfaces and create potholes which can be bothersome. With a simple resin application, stones are set in place. They are impervious to movement and will keep everything organised. This also means small children and dogs won’t accidentally swallow the small stones, as is often the case.

6. Cost-effective

Using regular pebbles or stones might be cheaper but over time, the damage as well as expenses in maintenance means you spend a lot more than usual. With the application of resin, the pathway or driveway becomes durable. The seal acts as a barrier, protecting the stones from damage. Thus, minimising repairs and saving you money.

7. Can be installed in different types of environments

From parks, homes and ramps; to heritage sites and pedestrian areas, bonded pebbles or gravel can be applied. They are popular in public areas as well as private spaces where beauty and function are required.

With all of these advantages, resin-bonded gravel is proving to be the smarter choice if you want to save money while transforming the splendour of your home.

Here at Pour On, we can help you achieve this. Pour on Gravel binder is a product of Stoneset. It’s an easy to use binding agent that allows anyone to transform the look of their loose pebbles or gravel without any fuss.

Our product is environmentally friendly; in fact, we have a very strong commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle every chance we get. We also make certain that you, along with your family, are safe when you use our products.

If you’d like to step forward and revolutionise your space, call us at 1300 392 155. For further enquiries, you can use this form.

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