Gravel Paving Ideas for Homes

October 17, 2014

Whether used for decorative or functional purposes, gravel paving provides many benefits. In a previous article, we discussed a number of residential and commercial areas where permeable paving would be ideal. Aside from these, there are other spots where even a traditional paving and gravel set-up can work wonders.

Here are some ideas for your residential property:

  • Flat roofs

Though not very common, some houses opt for flat roofs for a variety of reasons, affordability and easy maintenance among these. If you are one of the few who have flat roofs for your home, placing pebbles on it would be an excellent idea, but these must be secured with pebble resin. Placing pebbles on flat roofs are known to provide many advantages, with UV protection being the most important. Compared to loose pebbles though, those bound with pebble resin stay in place, eliminating the incidence of stones falling off your home or building.

  • Pool area

When the pool is in use, the area surrounding it is expected to be constantly wet. This can become a dangerous space which can prompt slips. To prevent these, a pebble finish would be a good option to consider for the area. This can not only provide an added aesthetic value, but can keep the area safe against untoward incidents.


  • Steps

Steps can be prone to slips, especially if these are found outdoors. To eliminate this danger, you can install resin bound gravel on to the surface of your outdoor steps. If you have kids and elderly members of the family living in your home, this is a very important option to consider. Outdoor stairs and ramps are similar spots that you should include in your gravel installation.

  • Carport

A carport is an inexpensive alternative to a garage. It is very easy, fast and economical to set-up, yet still provides excellent protection for your car. Carports though, have a very simple design and some may see this as a disadvantage. To solve this aesthetic predicament, you can install gravel as the foundation or flooring. This can immediately add to the visual element of the space.

  • Backyard and Alley

A backyard can be a place where you entertain guests. To keep this looking good, together with the rest of the house, you can opt to set-up paving for the flooring. Aside from the visual value it brings, it will also provide slip-resistance, which is beneficial if you have little kids always running around. Another outdoor area to consider paving is the alley. Residential properties that have granny flats not built alongside the main house have alleys that can do well with gravel paving.

With gravel paving installed in these areas, your residential property can experience the many benefits that it brings. These are only a few of the many spaces that can benefit from it. What other areas of your residential property would look and function well with these applications? Share those with us in the comments below.

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