How to Make Your Driveway Slip-resistant

February 13, 2015

When you drive, you encounter all kinds of roads. Rough roads, smooth roads and even slippery roads. All these are often unavoidable. But if there’s one surface you drive on that shouldn’t be slippery, it’s your own driveway.

When surfaces are slippery, they increase the chances of accidents happening. Your home should be the last place for accidents and should be the safest place for your family, so it’s very important that you make your driveways slip-resistant.

So how do you make your driveway slip-resistant? Here are some ideas.

Resin-bound Gravel

Resin bound gravel is the best slip-resistant solution for your driveway. Since it has a roughened surface it provides more grip compared to other types of surfaces, like tiles or bricks, which can become very slippery especially when wet. Due to its surface characteristic it provides great traction not only for pedestrians but also for vehicles. Aside from its slip-resistant quality, it also provides a great aesthetic appeal to your driveway. This means you don’t have to sacrifice the look of your driveway in order for it to be resistant from slips.

If you’re interested in this solution, try using Pour On. With Pour On, you simply lay the aggregates on to your driveway and then pour the resin over them to keep them bonded. As simple as that, you already have a slip-resistant solution for your home. Learn more about Pour On here.

Slip-resistant Coating and Grit

Another option to consider when making your driveway slip-resistant is to apply a concrete sealer and a polymer grit. What you do is place the sealer on to the surface, add some clear grit, and then spread it evenly using a squeegee. Then before the sealer dries, you need to add texture to it by sweeping over it with a broom. Though this type of solution offers an effective means of slip-resistance, it needs a yearly re-application of both the sealer and the grit, especially in high traffic areas.

Broom Finish

For as long as there has been concrete, people have been using brooms to make it slip-resistant. For many years broom finishes have provided a high-traction surface on concrete pathways and driveways. The way to do it is to run the broom on the wet concrete surface from one side to another without stopping in between. You can even add a design element by running the broom in various directions and creating different broom textures. While this solution has proven to be highly effective over the years, the only drawback in using concrete for your driveway is its impermeable quality.

Aside from being a great aesthetic element to your home, your driveway also needs to be a safe and secure path that you and the entire family can use. It is therefore important to ensure that it is slip-resistant. To get the most effective slip-resistance for your driveway, consider the porous and permeable paving solution offered by StoneSet.


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