Why Choose Porous Paving for Tree Pits?

May 18, 2015

The presence of trees in a streetscape, community, or commercial property can be extremely beneficial. Not only does it increase the aesthetic value of the surrounding area, it can also decrease the amount of stormwater runoff and pollutants that reach local waters.

However, tree pits can pose certain problems- trapping litter and looking untidy being among them. Fortunately, these problems can easily be prevented with the use of porous paving.

This type of paving uses a gravel binder to keep the gravel locked in place while still allowing air and water to seep through. There are many benefits to using this type of paving, but it is especially beneficial to use in tree pits because of the following:

  • Helps prevent roots from growing towards the surface and causing damage to surrounding structures. This paving system includes a layer of highly permeable loose aggregate that does not hold water but allows it to seep through, keeping the surface dry. Since tree roots only grow where moisture is present, they are less likely to grow towards the dry surface.
  • Effective erosion control. You don’t have to worry about runoffs as water is absorbed through the permeable surface of the paving. You also don’t need to worry about the soil getting displaced, as they stay firmly in place beneath the layer of pavement.
  • Allows maximum space utilisation. Space is valuable, especially in commercial properties. With this paving solution, the space around trees can be fully utilised and maximised by pedestrians, or for other purposes.
  • Does not become a litter trap. Unlike metal tree grilles, these surfaces do not trap dead leaves and other litter.
  • Tidy and attractive. This paving option produces a clean and attractive finish, and can come in different colours depending on the gravel and binder that you use.
  • Highly durable. Even without constant maintenance, it can last for years.
  • Low maintenance. There’s no need to replace mulch or loose aggregates, clear up collected trash, cigarette butts or animal waste. The surface itself is very easy to clean.
  • Economical. Compared to metal tree grilles, it’s very economical and it doesn’t get stolen!

All these reasons are apart from the fact that porous paving is environmentally friendly and helps improve water quality through filtration in its substrata layers.

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