How to Maintain Your Permeable Paver System

June 19, 2015

Efficiency and longevity – these are the two features you want your permeable paving to have after you’ve installed it. But aside from getting a high quality paver system, you also have to follow proper maintenance to ensure you achieve these two.

So how do you help your paver system to effectively sustain and maintain its permeability? Here are the different ways to achieve this.

Routine Maintenance

Regular sweeping and vacuuming is needed to clean the voids in the paver system. You can do this using a stiff broom and a hose with clean water. This needs to be done semi-annually or quarterly to keep various substances from getting stuck inside the void and creating a clog up or other complications. You can also use a pressure washer to rid your paver system of dirt or grime. Just make sure to be cautious when doing so and not use excessive pressure. Also take note of using only cold water when doing a pressure wash.

Aside from regular sweeping and vacuuming, you also need to do regular landscape maintenance in the area. This includes clipping grass and leaves. When it comes to moss and algae growth, don’t wait for them to surface and sprout before doing a treatment. Apply moss killer to prevent any growth of weed or moss on your paver system. For algae, you can use a strong bleach solution to remove any growth while still maintaining the colour of your paving system. After applying the bleach, wash it off with clean water.

Cleaning as Needed

There are instances when certain materials or actions affect the look and function of your paving system. You don’t need to worry about it. Just as long as you know what to do, you’ll still have your paver system in tip-top shape. Take note of these helpful reminders:

  • Chewing gum – If this gets stuck on your paving system, carefully remove it using a freezing spray and wall or paint scraper. Spritz a small amount of freezing spray on the gum and when hardened, slowly remove it using the scraper.
  • Cement or concrete marks – Carefully remove these using a cement remover. After applying the cement remover rinse the area thoroughly with water. Please note that this method of cleaning is not applicable for lime-based aggregate.
  • Building and construction work – If you expect to have some building or construction work near your paving system, make sure that the entire surface is protected to avoid having oil, grease, dirt and cement from tarnishing it. In case of spillage, immediately clean the area or contact a specialist to clean the paving system. Also avoid dragging heavy objects on the surface.

Following these measures will avoid clogging and enable your permeable paver system to work efficiently for a long time. With the right maintenance, you can expect your paving system to work efficiently for years as it did when it was first installed.

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