4 Fabulous Outdoor Landscaping Ideas using Gravel Pavers

August 27, 2015

Your front yard looks amazing!

Have you longed to hear those words, but never have? Do you wish your outdoor spaces could look spectacularly landscaped without costing a fortune? They can! All it takes is some ingenuity, a high quality gravel binder and gravel pavers.

This may sound too easy to be true, but it is. Gravel pavers can be used to create beautiful landscape paving designs without costing a lot of money, time and effort. With these 4 fabulous and easy landscape paving ideas, your outdoor paving and spaces will never look plain again.

1. Pebbled garden paths and sitting areas

Add depth and functionality to your front or back yard by creating pebbled garden paths and sitting areas. These will give you and your guests a wonderful view of your garden, and by binding your gravel you can be sure that the stones stay in place and won’t cause your outdoor furniture to sink or get out of balance.
pebbled garden

2. Bound gravel and grass driveways

Gravel has long been used for driveways, but by binding them together and keeping strips of grass in the middle and along the sides of your driveway, you achieve a clean yet rustic look without having to worry about loose gravel going into the grass.
gravel and grass driveway

3. Paths with tiles, stones or wooden planks

Instead of plain concrete pathways, give gravel a try. Place gravel around tiles, stones or wooden planks leading up to your front door to create a charming and interesting pathway. You can even place tiles of different designs and in different arrangements to create unique landscape paving designs.
gravel and tile path

4. Low maintenance Zen-like garden

Have you always wanted a Zen-like garden but hate the thought of having to sweep the pebbles back in place? With a gravel binder you won’t have to, and you’d still get to keep that Zen garden look. Place a few large rocks and some well-trimmed bushes here and there, and you have one gorgeous Zen-like landscape.
zen garden

All it takes to achieve fabulous outdoor landscapes are these landscape paving ideas, the gravel of your choice and an excellent binder like Pour On. Pour On gives you that smooth, self-binding gravel finish without sacrificing permeability. Give us a call today on 1300 392 155 to know more about how to use Pour On to simply and effectively improve your outdoor spaces.

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