Simple Ways to Beautify Your Garden with Gravel Pavers

October 1, 2015

Beautiful and beneficial, gardens are what make homes extra special. A home just wouldn’t be as warm and inviting without one. Like outer garments, gardens decorate and enhance the exterior of homes.

For some homeowners, creating and maintaining a beautiful garden can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be, not when you have gravel pavers and a good quality gravel binder! That’s right, with resin bound gravel, you can already create a stunning garden for your home. Here are a few simple ways you can get started:

Plant and flower beds

Creating plant and flower beds is the best and one of the simplest ways you can start a garden, and gravel pavers make it clean, simple and smart. By placing bound gravel amidst flower beds, you effectively stop weeds from growing on surrounding soil and keep soil and stones in place. You can place these pavers within the beds, line them around raised beds and create different shaped beds.

Plants Beds

Rows of plants

To create a clean and modern look, simply arrange the same type of plant in a row and surround them with permeable paving. This is a great option for those who prefer a modern minimalist look throughout their home.

Row of Plants

Paths and sitting areas

As we’ve mentioned before, you can create charming pebbled paths and sitting areas within your garden using bound gravel. Not only that, you can integrate decorative garden paving designs to make them even more attractive, add character to your garden and make these garden paving designs the focal point of your outdoor area.

Decorative Pattern


If you have a multi-layered or sloping yard, adding steps with bound gravel is a wonderful and wise choice. The stones will ensure that the soil on the steps won’t be eroded and they’ll give your garden a unique, stylish look.
Beautify your garden


In most gardens, grass occupies a majority of the space and gravel is used only in some key areas. You can do this the other way around and achieve a Japanese style garden. You can fill up your yard or outdoor space with gravel and create ‘islands’ of soil and plants. You can also use large rocks and get inspiration for rock garden designs online. Rock garden designs are excellent for keeping your outdoor spaces from looking too cluttered, and making them look more open and spacious.


It isn’t hard to make your garden a masterpiece, not when you have gravel pavers and an easy-to-use gravel binder like Pour On. Pour On keeps gravel and stones in place so you can achieve practically any paving design idea, and never have to worry about stones getting scattered around again. Get Pour On, the best binder for your gardening needs only at Stoneset.

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