Taming the Wild: Maintaining Your Perfect Gravel Garden

September 9, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, gravel is not a harsh environment for gardening. It’s actually considered one of the most wildlife-friendly solutions for a certain location. Whether you need a path in the middle of your flower beds, an undemanding substitute to a lawn or an off-street parking, gravel is perfect for you.

Gravel garden is an ideal habitat for plants that are drought tolerant. It doesn’t cost much to create and only requires minimum maintenance. Learn how to deal with small challenges.

Tip #1: Remove stray leaves using a rake or a leaf blower.

Be gentle when you are using a leaf blower because it may kick off some of the gravel. Put it on a low setting and protect your eyes with goggles. A lightweight rake will also work if you do not have a leaf blower. Remember to use a light flicking motion and rake towards you. This movement will pick up the leaves without gathering the gravel.

Tip #2: Designate an area for your garden hose, get rid of weeds and water your plants as necessary.

A lot of famous gravel garden plants don’t need much watering, but there will be seasons of the year when watering them is important. Your gravel garden is not exempted to growing weeds. Pull them off a few times in a year. When it comes to your garden hose, get a hose reel to keep it out of the way.

Tip #3: Avoid ‘bald spots’ by evening out the gravel.

Those ‘bald spots’ in your gravel garden ruin its appeal. Don’t worry, it will be a worthy investment to get more gravel to fill the holes. Afterwards, rake them evenly to smoothen them out. You can also add some potted plants or interesting looking decorations to beautify it and hide the spots.

Gravel provides your garden a unique look without requiring you to maintain them regularly. Know how to get rid of the common problems to retain a perfect gravel garden.

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