Keep Annoying Gravel Spillage Off Your Driveway

August 8, 2017

When it works well, a driveway with a gravel walkway or mulched plant display right next to it looks great. The gravel provides a great transition from the hardness of the driveway to the organic softness of the lawn. When used as a walkway, the gravel also provides a clean surface that doesn’t retain rainwater or gush runoff during rain or irrigation.

There’s just one catch with this design: gravel does not like to stay put. Before long, your paved driveway has bits of gravel coming in from the side. Without sweeping them back every week or so, the time comes when your driveway is essentially covered with your walkway, and your walkway is made of dirt. How can you stop this from happening without going through endless labor?


With Pour On, you don’t have to get rid of your gravel features to eliminate the problem of loose rocks ending up on your hard surfaces. Instead, just use Pour On and it’ll hold the aggregate in position for years. Even better, it will do this without destroying the pathways current permeability. When it rains, any puddles will soon sink into the ground. Runoff will also be minimal – if there is any at all.

Pour On doesn’t just keep your gravel in place – it retains its natural look. While the treatment may shine for a few days after your application, the initial layer will soon weather off and expose the gravel’s natural finish. Meanwhile, the subsurface will remain strong.

To learn more about Pour On and where it works best, justĀ contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss your projects with you.

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