Pour On Project: Gift Wrap for Outdoor Gifts

November 10, 2017

Many people enjoy decorating their homes for the holidays. Some string bright lights to illuminate their homes. Some place festive figurines or animated statues in the front yard. Some hang colored ribbons or wreaths on doors and windows. We wrap our homes like gifts during the holidays, as our homes are the gift that keeps on giving us a place to celebrate the holidays and everyday life year after year. As extensions of our homes, surrounding surfaces like pathways and patios provide the safe outdoor spaces to enjoy and to play with the other gifts we receive.

With Pour On, a new pathway or a patio can serve as gift wrap for the gifts we play with year round.

Very few people think of the holidays as the right time for outdoor landscaping projects, though this kind of home decorating lasts for many years and fits all occasions. More importantly, an easy home improvement project brings the family together and creates memories that last, and there is no better time for that than the holidays when everyone is together. Any holiday is a great time for a fun family project.

Pour On provides a true gift to the do-it-yourself kind of family and the possibilities for home improvement projects are endless. Pour On’s unique polyurethane resin binds natural stone for a stable surface, but leaves voids between stones to allow rain and irrigation water to pass through to the soil. Pour On’s top coat finishing product creates a slip-resistant surface to prevent falls, which means that Pour On’s porous paving product is perfect for creating safe pathways and patios around the home.

  • A new non-slip backyard patio with a grilling pad makes a wonderful wrap to dad’s barbecue grill gift.
  • A new non-slip porous pathway wraps mom’s new raised garden bed gifts well and nourishes the soil year round.
  • A new non-slip play area patio wraps a swing set, jungle gym, or playhouse gift for your children with a safety bow.
  • A new non-slip porous pool surround will wrap your new family swimming pool or hot tub just swell.

Porous paving is a present to the earth around your home, too, as it conserves water and prevents soil erosion, which creates a healthier environment for your family. Pour On patios and pathways endure for 5-7 years with little maintenance and provide lasting aesthetic beauty to your home.

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