Create an Attractive and Practical Vegetable Garden Border with Pour On

November 15, 2017

These days, vegetable gardens do not have to be stuck in a muddy corner of the backyard. If you have a small yard or only a front yard, a vegetable garden can double as beautiful landscaping. The walkways between the beds not only need to be attractive but safe to walk on and clean. Use pea gravel, pavers and Pour On to create an attractive walkway between your vegetable beds.

To make a practical path or border for your beds, use pea gravel stabilized with Pour On. This allows you to make the bed round, square, or any shape you like. Raised garden beds surrounded by a stable walkway are more suitable than a mucky plot. To make the borders even more attractive, incorporate fashionable pavers as Sydney housewife Trish did with her walkway, as this case study details. The result is a beautiful yet low maintenance surface. You can even design your garden border to complement the style of your home, as Trish did.

Once your beds and border are in place, choose colourful plants to enliven your landscaping. Attractive leafy greens such as rhubarb, Swiss chard or red Russian kale add colour in different seasons. Grow cucumbers or mini pumpkins on a trellis to delight children. Brightly coloured peppers such as red, yellow or purple bell peppers add flair and herbs always look fresh in hot, dry climates.

Pour On is safe to use around children, pets and plants. It not only keeps the gravel in place, but prevents rainwater run-off that could cause erosion and damage your plants and soil. Pour On is a binder, so water sinks through naturally instead of collecting on the surface. Unlike with traditional garden path materials such as mulch, dirt or straw, a gravel path stabilized with Pour On is easy to hose or sweep clean.

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