Bringing Creativity and Colour into Your Landscape using Pour On

November 17, 2017

Using Pour On Gravel Binder is one of the easiest and most economical ways of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. All you need is gravel of any colour and the gravel binder. You don’t have to contact a professional to do the work as a Pour On application is a simple DIY process that is fun and less time-consuming.

Creating Different colour patterns using gravel

You can use amber red and light grey gravel and lay them on your landscape in alternating shapes or patterns. Next, pour the gravel binder on the stone pebbles. You should use clear Pour On on the grey stone and amber on the red gravel. Leave the stone to dry overnight, repeat the next day and your attractive pathway, patio or backyard will be all set.

Using different sizes of stone to vary the texture of your hardscape

You can use various sizes of gravel (3-10mm is recommended) to create an attractive variation of texture in your outdoors using pour on. For example, you can have pea gravel on your pathway and larger stones surrounding your plants or flowers. You can also use pea gravel as a filler stone in between rows of larger sized stones. Pour On holds the rocks in place and your artistic hardscape lasts longer with the application of the gravel binder.

Giving your landscape some uplifting sheen

For those that prefer a polished or shiny pathway or landscape, Gloss Coat offers the perfect solution. Application of this gloss coat can be done one day after installation of the Pour On gravel Binder.

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