Selling Your Home? Choose Pour On for an Eye-Catching Pathway

November 20, 2017

When approaching a house that is for sale, the first thing that many prospective buyers notice is the pathway that leads to the home. An attractive first impression is essential when it comes to selling one’s home, and for getting the best asking price for the property. While most people find stone pathways to be appealing, a messy, uneven pathway may send the wrong message.

Pour On is an excellent solution for homeowners needing to spruce up the exterior look of their home. Pour On is a gravel binder that can be used on existing pathway stones or on new stones selected by the homeowner. Customers select the color of resin that matches their stones, and they can opt for a matte or glossy finish. Pour On is a fantastic option not just for front pathways, but for other decorative areas surrounding the home. The benefits of choosing Pour On include:

It is cost effective

Pour On will improve the appearance of your property for less of the cost of more expensive and rigorous repairs, such repainting or resurfacing the house. In addition, pebble resin lasts for years, is easy to repair, and requires little maintenance–factors that will almost certainly appeal to prospective buyers.

It is easy to use

Pour On is excellent for do-it- yourself (DIY) projects, even for people who may not think of themselves as handy. The steps are simple: Even out the stones, pour the resin (a bucket with holes in the bottom is helpful), smooth the area with a trowel, dry overnight, and apply a second coat. Next, enjoy your lovely, smooth pathway.

It allows for versatile styling

Homeowners may apply Pour On to existing stones, or they may opt to completely redesign the appearance of their pathway or decorative area with new stones and a stylish pattern. Designs featured under the Uses Gallery may help customers with the creative ideas.

 It is environmentally friendly

Environmentally-conscious homebuyers will be impressed by the way Pour On allows rainwater to spread to nearby trees and plants. Pour On glues the stones and leaves the holes between the stones intact. This porous surface directs water where it is needed and reduces unwelcome pooling on the pathway.

If you are a home seller wishing to boost your home’s visual appeal, consider treating a tired stone pathway or nearby decorative area with Pour On. Easy to use, cost-effective, eco-friendly and stylish, Pour On is an excellent choice for homes sellers and home buyers alike.

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