Pour On DIY Projects in 3 Easy Steps

November 22, 2017

Walkways, lawn edging, garden paths, rooftops, or decorative areas…

You name it, Pour On has been used to bond and beautify it–and without the labour costs and contractor fees that come with hiring landscape or home improvement specialists.

We all love the natural beauty of rocks, stones, and gravel. They’re ideal alternatives to the institutionalised look of pavement or asphalt, and they’re especially useful in high-drainage areas. But the beauty does fade, and they tend to get messy and uneven with divots in high foot traffic areas.

Pour On Gravel Binder is sweeping the industry as a Do-It-Yourself product that glues stones in place and leaves surfaces porous, level, and neat.

It’s literally as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Level the rocks or stones you already have
  2. Pour on the binder (as required)
  3. Level the rocks or stones for good measure

If you’re ready to end the constant hassle of rock re-placement, raking, levelling after the kids and pest sweep through, or the tedious task of picking debris from your rocks stick by stick, come check us out. We make landscaping fun–and permanent–by embracing the “hardscaping” revolution.

Our bonding resins come in amber (ideal for black, brown, grey, and gold rock) and clear (for white or lighter-shade rock). After the pour–which requires no more than a pair of gloves and a bucket with a few holes in the bottom–choose from a gloss or matte finish.

If Pour On is the product you’ve been needing for your DIY project, contact us today for more information, questions, or even more DIY ideas!

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