Pour On Project: Pour On a Peaceful Patio

November 24, 2017

For creating backyard patios, Pour On’s porous paving product makes it so easy to do yourself. Natural loose stone, available in a variety of colours at local home and garden stores in bags, and at local quarries in large quantities, provides the most economical choice for landscaping projects.

Pour On’s polyurethane resin strongly binds the natural loose stone into place, leaving small voids between the stones so that water can penetrate to the soil below to nourish the lawn or garden surrounding your new hardscaped patio. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, and affordable, Pour On’s surfaces look beautiful for many years.

Pour on a peaceful patio for the perfect place to find peace. Meditate, exercise, relax, read, garden, entertain guests, and dine outdoors. Use your backyard again. Natural loose stone comes in many colours to compliment your home and garden, so it’s easy to create a patio with an artful design.

Popular patterns include the peace sign, the yin-yang symbol, religious symbols, or free-form mosaic patterns. Or, simply form and shape your patio, any shape you want, and pour natural loose stone of your chosen colour to the required depth. Apply Pour On and allow to dry for a hardened slip-resistant surface. Contact us for great project ideas and tips.

Pour On over natural loose stone creates patios so brilliantly that you might consider creating several small patios for different purposes linked with Pour On pathways. Surround each patio with raised garden beds for growing vegetables and herbs to supplement a healthy diet.

Incorporate water fountains, water features, ponds for koi fish, or other water elements for relaxing trickling sounds and to attract wildlife. Pour On your peaceful patio today.

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