Pour On Project: Pour a Pathway to the Heart

November 27, 2017

This holiday season, pour a pathway to the heart with the easiest do-it-yourself porous paving product available. Pour On’s unique product allows anyone to create patios and pathways with little effort that also require little maintenance and that will endure for many years.

Pour On binds loose natural stone to create a stable hardened surface, while leaving voids between stones to allow rain water to permeate the surface to the soil improving the environment around the home. If you would like to enhance the slip resistance of the product, simply sprinkly some sand over the surface as it cures.

During the holidays, we consider what gifts we could buy or make to give to the people we love. The people we love the most, and who deserve the very best gifts, are hardest to buy for, or even to make gifts for. Homemade gifts are always the best and most personal. Homemade gifts not only come more appreciated, but get shown off to the neighbours and friends, and even to strangers as prized possessions and sentimental treasures.


If you want your family to brag about you, you’ll really have to pour it on this holiday. With a pile of loose natural stones and some Pour On, and a little time for a special holiday project, you can pour a pathway to the hearts of your family, by pouring an actual pathway of some kind to suit their properties and special needs. Get your children involved in the project to create a family tradition, and pour on the love for your elders together.


Loose stone is difficult to walk on, and one can easily slip. Pour On binds the stones in place and provides a slip-resistant and puddle resistant safe surface. With a hardscaped pathway, you can easily improve your elders’ quality of life with improved access to the areas of their properties they most frequently use, such as the garden or greenhouse, the bird feeders or the bird bath, fountains or ponds or the hose/ sprinkler area. The mailbox is an especially important destination in order to find letters and cards from you and have conversations with neighbours and passers-by–so, make sure your elders can walk there with ease. Simply widen pathways for walker or wheelchair access and give a gift of freedom to fully enjoy the outdoors.


You’ll love the ease and wide variety of applications for Pour On products, and want to create patios and pathways to suit your family’s lifestyle, too.

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