Got Dust? Pour On Can Help (Permanently)

November 29, 2017

DUST! The optimist might see it as nature’s way of keeping your sweeping skills fresh and your vacuum full. For most, it’s an annoyance born of dirt beds and scattered gravel. For Pour On, it’s a nuisance meant to be scourged, and we’ve designed the perfect solution!

Below is an exhaustive list of tools you’ll need to complete a full makeover of the dust-causing eyesores around your house or office building:

  • a bucket (colour of your choice) with holes in it
  • a trowel (colour of your choice)
  • masking tape – if you need it

Seriously. That’s it!

With no expertise needed, you can use Pour On Gravel Binder to not only beautify your yard and walkways, but also to cut down on dust in the process. Created by StoneSet – the leader in porous, resin-based paving – Pour On glues gravel, stone, and rock with a natural, environmentally friendly resin, creating smooth, level, neat, and low maintenance decorative beds and paths. This prevents gravel’s unsightly scatter effect and, if used to fill empty flower beds, the constant mess of dirt, mud, and dust.



All StoneSet products are designed to protect the environment by utilising rock and gravel’s natural drainage abilities, preventing runoff and puddles. With Pour On, we deliver on that promise with a guarantee of up to 7 years.


Click here for a quick video showing just how easy our Pour On DIY projects can be.

While Pour On is ideal for heavy foot traffic areas, it’s not intended for driveways, since the high pressure and constant turning may break the glue that bonds rocks.


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