Pour On Project: Easy Backyard Lawn Fix

December 6, 2017

Pour On’s do-it-yourself porous paving product fixes many common backyard lawn problems with an easy and environmentally friendly solution. Pour On’s unique polyurethane resin binds loose natural stones, such as pea gravel, available at any home and garden store, leaving voids between the stones to create a hard and stable, but porous surface that allows rain or irrigation water to penetrate the surface to nourish your lawn and garden. A sandy top finish applied while the product dries leaves surfaces slip-resistant for safety. Pour On’s porous paving product is fit for so many applications including: patios, garden pathways, children’s play areas, or pond surrounds, makes fixing your backyard on a budget easy and fun.

Hardscaping, the hot new trend in landscaping, generally uses concrete or large boulders in designs, and these hardscaping materials have many disadvantages, costly to budgets and the environment. For example, patios, pathways, pads, play areas, bases, made of concrete form a “concrete jungle,” or an environment in which conditions seem more difficult to live. Concrete crumbles, cracks, and deteriorates.

Landscaping designers often solve common backyard problems simply by laying lots of concrete and placing large boulders all over the place. Large boulders, expensive to move in the first place in order to set them, more expensive to have removed later, often become an eyesore that presents a difficulty for regular lawn maintenance. Water, lost to rapid runoff from concrete surfaces or large boulders, causes soil erosion and droopy spots in lawns around them: this is costly in terms of lawn maintenance and your water bill. Both concrete and large boulders will require laborers, and that will cost you.

binded gravel

Pour On creates hard surfaces without a concrete truck and a big messy inconvenience. Pour On binds natural loose stone into place to create useful and practical surfaces, much better than large ornamental boulders placed randomly just for looking at. Pour On creates surfaces of any size or shape, and natural loose stone of any color or combination of colors to create designs and patterns allows you to find your creative side and to become a landscaping artist, instead of paying one.

If you want to fix your backyard lawn yourself, on your schedule, with a simple to use and versatile product, contact us at Pour On today. We’ll provide project ideas and tips to make all your backyard hardscaping projects easy.

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