Three Easy Reasons to Choose Pour On

December 11, 2017

Every homeowner knows the struggle of constantly keeping the yard tidy. It’s so costly, inefficient, and time-consuming. But did you know there is an easier way? Pour On knows how to solve those woes. Here’s why you should make it your next choice.

What is Pour On?

Unfamiliar with Pour On? It’s Australia’s premier gravel binder and for good reason! This one part polyurethane resin binds all your loose gravel and detritus together exactly the way you choose. Use it to spruce up your pathways or keep your yard nice and clean. It sets in a matter of hours and lasts up to seven years! No additional tools or products required.

Simple to Use

It’s also a DIY dream! With Pour On, you won’t have to bother with expensive maintenance crews. You can do it by yourself with no experience required. It can tackle any job, from a commercial building down to the delicate details. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Set the gravel and other loose items in place

  2. Apply the Pour On resin

  3. Let set

  4. Repeat if required

Additionally, you can watch this short instructional video to help get you started.


There’s no reason you should pay a fortune for a nice yard. Before, you would have had to pay for an entire crew to come by. Now, you can save all that money by cutting out the middleman and doing it yourself, thus keeping you and your vision in charge. Pour On proudly sets a reasonable price and lets you see an estimate of your cost before committing to any purchase. The installation guide includes a calculator so you can get an exact quote.

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