Pour On Project: Pour On a Garden Gift for Mum

December 13, 2017

This holiday season, pour on the perfect garden gift for your wife or your mother by creating a Pour On Garden Patio for her. An easy do-it-yourself project that she will adore for many years to come. She will most love that you custom designed her new garden patio to suit her property and needs. A patio surrounded with raised garden beds provides her a place to garden, read, relax, or to entertain her friends outside.

No more puddles, no more slipping

Pour On’s polyurethane resin material binds loose natural stone, such as pea gravel, into a porous paved hard surface, that allows rain or irrigation water to trickle through voids left between stones to the soil below. Instead of forming puddles, like water would do on a concrete surface, water slowly seeps through the surface and nourishes gardens and lawn areas that surround the new patio. A sandy finish applied during the drying process provides the patio surface a safe, slip-resistant surface.

Easy to set up

To create your Pour On Garden Patio, simply design the new patio in any shape to suit the property and the intended use. Surround the patio area with raised garden beds to form the patio’s shape. Raised garden beds 1-2 feet deep provide plenty of soil for plants to develop strong roots, with walls formed with timber. Once you create the raised beds, fill the bare space in the center with pea gravel at the recommended depth.

Get creative

Pea gravel is just one type of stone that you can use and is available at most home and garden stores or local quarries. Create a pattern or design with different colors, or use a solid color of stone to fill the form to the desired depth. Contact us at Pour On for easy tips to make your project go smoothly. Apply Pour On’s polyurethane resin over the new patio area, apply the sandy finish product, and leave it to dry.

Place patio furniture and flower pots to create a lovely atmosphere. Your wife or mum, will enjoy her new garden patio while she pours potting soil, seeds, and water into her new flower pots and raised beds. She will love the patio you created just for her for many years to come.

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