It’s Easy Being Green with Pour On!

December 15, 2017

It is important to be environmentally conscious but many don’t realize how much we can really do just by ourselves, especially when it comes to our choice of gravel binder. Fortunately, it’s easy to see why choosing Pour On is the best and greenest product for the job.

Here’s how Pour On helps save the world:

Prevents runoff

The runoff from our homes and buildings sends pollutants into our rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. There, it collects with toxic materials, harming both the environment and ourselves. Fortunately, Pour On has the solution! Once you gather all of your loose gravel together, Pour On will firmly bind them with an unobtrusive resin.

Then, it dries overnight, rendering it completely inert by the morning so you won’t have to worry at all. Not only that, the resin lasts between up to 7 years! Additionally, the resin forms a porous structure, allowing water to safely pass through and keeping the area nourished.

Reduces waste

Think you need to hire a big crew to tackle your landscaping needs? Think again! Pour On is so intuitive that anybody can just do it by themselves. No complicated machinery, no major yard upheaval, no unnecessary damage. Just a simple, direct design. Order exactly how much of the resin you need and the rest is a breeze!

With Pour On, you can work conscience-free! To talk more about this, or anything else, contact us anytime. Thank you!

Not sure how much you need?