Why Choose Pour On? So You Can Go With The Flow

December 20, 2017

The water cycle is one of those things we tend not to think about. Especially when it isn’t raining. However, consider the size of your average patio. Now ask how much water lands on it that gets shuffled off your property. Maybe it goes into a drainage ditch, or spills into a storm drain, but that water was meant to stay where it fell. It was supposed to seep into the soil, and rejoin the water table below. Instead, it was diverted. And when that happens over and over again, it can have a serious impact on the amount of water that actually returns to your local water table.

Pour On Lets You Lessen Your Impact, And Go With The Flow

Now imagine if, instead of a traditional patio or walkway, you had a gravel one. However, maintaining a loose gravel area is a bigger pain than most property owners want to deal with. Especially if you want to keep it smooth and pretty.

That’s where Pour On comes in.

Pour On is a simple binding agent that you pour over your gravel. All you have to do is  apply, and let it dry, and now you have a gravel surface that takes zero maintenance on your part. However, the binding agent doesn’t fill in the gaps between the gravel, so water can still flow freely. You get to keep your drainage, lessen your workload, and ensure you’re living a green lifestyle.

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