Add Appeal to Your Commercial Property with Pour On

December 27, 2017

The exterior of your business property sends a powerful message to customers. Crumbling asphalt or untended gravel may cause potential customers to wonder about the viability of the business. While gravel and crushed stone are common choices for large properties, they can look untidy to visitors. Another option, planting the grounds with grass or landscaping, may seem appealing; however, the upfront and ongoing maintenance may be prohibitive.

Pour on is a high-quality, resin binder that is applied to gravel, crushed rock and other paving materials. Pour On can be used on new or existing stones. Pour On is a superior choice for large commercial properties who seek professional-looking driveways and grounds. The benefits of using Pour On include:

Great first appearance

Tidy pathways and decorative are appealing to the eye and convey pride in one’s business. Even if they are not consciously aware of their first impressions, customers are often strongly influenced by external appearances. An investment in the look of one’s commercial property is a smart business move.

Eye-catching design elements

Customers can choose from a variety of local stone colours which can be arranged into attractive patterns. While some businesses may opt for a colour that highlights the main building structures, others may seek a more decorative effect. For example, light and dark sections of stone can be alternated to create a striking impression.

Improved access

Loose stone can be difficult for many people to navigate, especially if they use walkers, wheelchairs or other assistive devices. Pour On binds the stones, leaving a stable surface that eases mobility.

Cost effective

Many commercial properties include multiple natural and man-made features, including pathways, entrances and decorative areas. Pour On is an economical solution for these needs.

Lasting up to 7 years, Pour On is quickly applied and easy to touch-up between new applications. In addition, surfaces smoothed with resin are easier to clean than those made from crushed stone. Leaves and trash can be easily swept up or blown away.


Many Australians are concerned about the environmental impact of the building materials used in their neighborhoods. Once cured, Pour On is inert and poses no risk to wildlife or the environment. Pour On allows rain water to reach surrounding vegetation and even enhances the quality of the local water table.

If you are a new or existing business owner seeking a cost-effective and sustainable way to manage driveways, pathways, medians and other commercial surfaces, please contact Pour On for additional information. We will be happy to help.

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