Commercial Uses for Pour On

December 29, 2017

Gravel is one of the most common forms of walkways and pathways in the world. While gravel is a very appealing and attractive option, the fact that it is loose and can be easily dislodged can make it less practical for some projects. Those that are looking for a better option should consider Pour On, which is a gravel binder that allows the attractive and durable appeal of gravel without the mess and hassle of loose pieces. While there are a lot of residential homes that would benefit from using Pour On, there are several great commercial uses for it as well.

Creating a road median can be very important. Pour On can provide a great option as it will provide a durable median and parking lot barrier option. Beyond its durability, it allows your project to be customizable with our clear resin which allows any stone colour to show through.

Gravel and stone top roofs are very popular with commercial properties and provide a range of benefits. One complaint of these rooftops though is that pieces could fall off, which could create serious hazards to those below. With Pour On Gravel Binder, you can receive the same roofing benefits while also being assured that pieces will stay in place.

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