Creative Garden Landscaping Ideas with Pour On

January 3, 2018

Gravel is commonly associated with pathways, driveways and garden areas around your home. You can incorporate gravel and stone into your garden design in various ways. If you are creating or recreating your garden, consider the following landscaping tips.

1. Using gravel in unplanted areas

Gravel can make a better substitute for earth in unplanted areas inside your garden such as paths. When it rains, you don’t have to worry about getting muddy while walking around the garden. It is also easier for you to pull a cart or wheelbarrow over a gravel path as compared to doing so on bare soil. Also, having gravel in unplanted areas is a great way of minimizing weeds in the garden. Once you have ensured the base has been prepared correctly, lay the gravel and pour the Binder over the surface.

2. Using larger pebbles to define boundaries within your garden

If you have settled for gravel paths inside your garden, you can use larger stones to mark path edges. The pebbles facilitate a smooth transition from bare earth to gravel and give your garden a finished look. Use the Pour On Gravel Binder to set the smaller stones into place and improve the look of your garden without the usual maintenance.

3. Use gravel to create a patio inside your garden

If you love nature and relaxing in the outdoors, you can use gravel to create a patio within your garden. Pea size gravel is excellent for outdoor relaxing areas as it binds together perfectly and feels smoother under bare feet. You can choose a different color of gravel for this area. Once you have your gravel in place, use Pour On Gravel Binder to hold it together.

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