Three unexpected applications for Pour On

January 5, 2018

A gravel binder allows a pervious surface that rainwater can infiltrate while also keeping all the stones together in one place. Certainly gravel patios are one of many excellent applications for Pour On, but here are three places you might not have expected to use a gravel binder:

  • Roof Tops: Roofs with gravel finishes perpetually lose bits of gravel to weather and birds. What better way to keep gravel from falling off your roof than by binding it together using Pour On? Using a gravel binder is a great solution that doesn’t require unsightly netting or gravel loss.

  • Road medians: Pour On is perfect for landscaping that can minimize erosion, help prevent roadside flooding, and requires minimal maintenance. That’s why it’s been incorporated into roadsides across Australia!

  • Pathway: Use Pour On to get the rainwater infiltration benefits of a gravel pathway while keeping the pathway in place. You can create your own stone pathway at a fraction of the cost and effort of installing pervious pavement or concrete slabs. If you already have a gravel pathway, it’s nearly effortless to bind the stones and ensure that the great look and permeable nature will last

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