How can I apply Pour On for my Property?

January 10, 2018

“This is our ‘magic rocks’ as the kids call it…not only does it work well, and look great, but the texture is very therapeutic on the soles of your feet!  Everyone has been amazed when we show them how fast the water is drained away.” -Ed and Elaine

That’s just one of the many glowing testimonials from our clientele in regards to our Pour On product. Many happy customers have purchased and applied Pour On with pristine results.

Are you interested in Pour On, but are unsure of how to apply it? Well, thanks to its versatility and pleasing aesthetic, there are several situations in which Pour On can be applied to your property, whether commercial or residential:


The perfect opportunity to get creative, artsy and practical with your backyard or business. With our Pour On Gravel Binder, you can:

  • Create smooth, solid rain-ways that filter rain water towards soil to keep plants healthy and strong

  • Build impressive, and attractive pathways to impress friends, family and clientele

  • Hassle free and low maintenance, with professional quality results

*Be like Trish, a satisfied Pour On customer who created an entire walkway, safely and simply for herself and her dog.


Have a building with a visible roof? Pour On has you covered:

  • Enjoy creative designs utilizing pebbles and stones of various color

  • No need to concern yourself about the elements blowing rocks off the roof; Pour On binds and acts as an adhesive, freeing you from concern about property damage

  • Stay worry free, Pour On will not affect any water-proofing already existing


Design a patio that is decorative and fun with Pour On’s binding resin:

  • Mix and match stone and pebbles to create intricate designs around plants or small gardens

  • Use a glossy coat for your pebble/stone designs to help highlight pottery or statues

  • Easy to use and quick to finish means you can have friends and family over by the weekend

These are just some of the ways to apply Pour On. If you’d like to purchase Pour On or have any questions, please contact us today.

Not sure how much you need?