Pour On Project: New Year, New Natural Backyard Environment

January 12, 2018

Across Australia, both our hot and arid climate and our modern residential and commercial landscaping practices that use far too much concrete have caused major environmental problems over time. It’s easy to see severe soil erosion problems around our concrete surfaces. However, we don’t see the long-range effects of high levels of run-off pollution to in-land rivers and streams and estuaries along the coastlines.

Some hear the term “concrete jungle,” and think it refers only to the central-most part of our largest cities, but the largest cities have expanded to the surrounding suburbs and beyond into what were once rural farming areas, and connected with other large cities. Commercial and industrial areas develop around each new area of expanded residential development, too, expanding concrete’s negative effects. Highly populated areas of homes and businesses surrounded with surfaces paved with concrete feel hotter and drier from reflective heat. Rain and irrigation water quickly evaporates or rapidly runs off from concrete surfaces leaving little water to quench our thirsty land.

In 2018, our New Year resolution remains finding solutions to the problems that concrete has caused for our desert islands. One place to start is your own backyard. Replace old deteriorating concrete surfaces, such as your backyard patio and garden pathways with natural stone and Pour On, for solid hardscaping that’s porous! Create a new natural backyard environment to escape from all the hard pressures of a concrete world.

Pour On’s porous paving product binds natural loose stone, like pea gravel, with a durable polyurethane resin that’s scientifically-engineered to leave voids between stones as it dries, to allow precious rain and irrigation water to trickle through deep into the soil instead of running off and away from our lawns and gardens. Conserve water to save money, in addition to improving your backyard environment.

Pour On’s do-it-yourself product makes it easy to create backyard patios and garden pathways to suit all of your unique property’s needs. Contact us for application tips and other Pour On project ideas.

Pour On makes it easy to create an impressive natural stone patio or pathway of any size or shape. Create aesthetically pleasing designs using lighter and darker colors of natural stone. Lighter colors keep large surfaces cooler, but darker colors add dramatic accents. Check local quarries and garden shops for stone color and size availabilities.

To create your Pour On patio or pathway, create a wooden form to the desired shape and size of your new patio or pathway. Install road-base at a depth of around 100-150mm and well compact, leaving a stable and smooth surface for your pebbles. Then, simply lay loose decorative stone to depths of 30mm for small 6 mm stones, or 40 mm for slightly larger 10 mm stones into the form. Next, apply Pour On to product specifications, and add the sandy finishing product on top for a safe slip-resistant surface. Wait until surface has fully dried (around 24hours), apply one more coat ensuring you have not missed any spots, leave to dry again and enjoy your new porous paving.

Surround your patio or garden pathways with new high-quality organic soil to replace eroded soils and a variety of plants native to our islands such as long grasses, flowering acacia trees, and nectar giving shrubs, all available with advice from local garden shops. Attract wildlife and birds, and you and your family, to a more sustainable way of living in your new natural backyard environment.

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