Trends in Green Landscaping: Pour On

January 17, 2018

The landscaping industry is undergoing a transformation in response to consumer demand for products that have environmental sustainability in mind. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential applications, Pour On is an innovative way to transform gravel into an attractive, durable and porous surface.

What makes Pour On green?

Pour On is a specially formatted resin that is easy to apply to graveled surfaces. It acts to bind the stone together without creating a water barrier which offers the advantage of letting rain seep through to the ground below.

Here is what that means in practice:

  • Easy custom DIY pathways in your garden that will not create a dry-zone in the soil below, allowing roots and organisms to move freely beneath.

  • Weed free gravel-scapes for yards or medians in drought prone climates. Unlike grass lawns, no watering required!

  • No more annual gravel deliveries! Hold that stone in place with Pour On and cut down on maintenance costs and materials.

  • Reduce your use of herbicides for weed control in problem areas by creating enjoyable outdoor spaces that the whole family can enjoy. Great for patios!

  • The Pour On formula is chemically inert when dry. It is completely safe for the environment, children and pets.

  • Feel good about choosing a low-impact landscaping choice that both beautifies your property and offers carefree maintenance.

  • Support a business that holds sustainability as a core value with both product design and manufacturing.

What are the other advantages to Pour On?

In addition to giving you a green solution to common landscaping challenges, Pour On is a product with other features worth noting:

  • Pour On creates a maintenance free pathway, patio, median or gravel-scape that won’t need additional application for 5 years or more, depending on traffic levels.

  • This easy-to-use product is great for large or small-scale projects. Perfect for the DIY enthusiast!

  • You get to choose the look you want by selecting any 6mm – 20mm gravel that fits your landscaping design and budget.

  • Loose gravel can create a safety hazard. Use Pour On to make stable and flat walkways that are wheelchair accessible and high-heel friendly!

If you would like to see Pour On in action, check out our image gallery for inspiration! For more information about Pour On, please contact us.

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