Choose Pour On for a Striking Contrast of Plants and Stones

January 19, 2018

Imagine if your home landscaping could be transformed into a striking combination of native plants and smooth stone pathways. Leafy vegetation and brightly-coloured flowers could sit side by side with natural stones, creating a pleasing contrast in both color and texture. Pour On, an eco-friendly resin that binds gravel and small stones, can help make this vision a reality.

What is Pour On?

Pour On is a resin gravel binder that is applied to the surface of new or existing stones (preferably for stones that are a maximum size of 10-20 mm for pathways, or up to 40 mm for non-trafficked areas).

Pour on is easily applied to pathways or other areas surrounding the home. The binder leaves a smooth, porous surface that highlights the natural beauty of the stones while keeping them in place.

Why Choose Pour on?

Pour on is an excellent choice for homeowners wishing to add convenience and aesthetic appeal to their properties. Why choose Pour on?

Natural, Beautiful Aesthetic

Plants and stones look great together. With Pour On, homeowners can select a stone colour to complement their garden plants, from more neutral browns and golds to more dramatic shades of red, black or white. Alternating different stones for different areas of the property is an eye-catching option.

While Pour On is a natural choice for pathways, it can also be used for other areas, such as to enhance alfresco locations or to cover the area between the pool deck and landscaping. For pebbles that directly surround plants and receive less foot traffic, larger decorative stones and a single coat of Pour On can be used.

Low Cost and Maintenance

Many homeowners wish to feature natural vegetation on their properties, but the ongoing cost and effort needed to maintain plants, flowers or grass can be a hardship. By alternating planted areas with Pour On-treated stone areas, homeowners can save time and money while still enjoying greenery.

Over time, plants are damaged by insects, animals or disease and may need to be replaced. Weeding out unwanted plants is time consuming; busy residents, or residents with infirmities, may struggle with these efforts.

Pour On is cost-effective and long-lasting. Touch-up is easy, and homeowners may find that keeping their pathways swept requires less effort, since they can simply blow leaves away. Finally, by creating a porous surface, Pour On is eco-friendly and facilitates the spread of rainwater to nearby vegetation.

To learn more about using Pour On for your landscaping, please contact our excellent Customer Service.

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