Use Pour On to Prepare Your Yard for Autumn

March 27, 2018

As autumn approaches, we finalise the designs we made over summer. That new garden pathway or commercial landscape are finished at last and look great. But will it last, or will the new season undo all that hard work? Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that all your landscaping will be perfectly preserved with Pour On to prepare your yard!

How It Works:

Pour On is a one part polyurethane resin that easily and effectively binds gravel together whilst maintaining a porous surface, all at an affordable price. Now you can keep your lovely, decorative designs in place without having to worry about anything scattering around. Neither rain, wind, nor falling leaves can cause any harm!

Applying is as simple as can be. Once you’ve made the design you love, all you have to do is apply the resin (one coat for decorative areas and 2 for those which will see foot traffic). Afterward, you will have a sleek, attractive surface that retains natural gaps for water to pass through. Where other products risk choking plants, Pour On ensures they get the water they need. On top of that, it reduces the amount of puddling that often occurs. Furthermore, Pour On can last up to 7 years before needing a new coat.

You won’t have to worry about all your hard work getting ruined ever again. With Pour On, you can prepare your yard with confidence and style.

What Customers are Saying:

“The Gravel Binder worked well and holds the pebbles in place down each side of the new steps. We found the product to be easy to apply…Our landscaper is quite impressed with the result.”– Garry of Bridgeman Downs, QLD

“[Pour On] allows us a low maintenance pervious pavement whereas concrete would have blocked the water flow and gravel alone is hard to manage.” – Paul of Byron Bay, NSW

“Worked a treat. Many compliments from visitors. Had a house valuer say she hasn’t seen the finish ever before and she visits 5-10 houses per day and she loved it.” – Adrian of Macquarie, ACT

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