Applications for Pour On: Problem Area in Your Yard? A DIY Solution

March 29, 2018

Where is the problem area in your yard? The shaded spot next to the wall? The bald ground between the planter and the pond curb? The mud between walkway paving stones? Even in the best-planned gardens, a flaw inevitably appears. And once we see it, we seem to notice it forever. Check out applications for Pour On.

Consider Solutions, and Choose Wisely

These problem areas exist because, due to foot traffic, shade or drainage issues, they’re unsuited for lawn or vegetative ground cover. What to choose instead? Poured concrete can result in an impervious and sterile surface that merely transfers the problem area to another part of the yard. Decorative bark or stones look nice, but often scatter, spread, or become misplaced.

A Naturally Porous Rock Surface – Which Doesn’t Scatter

If you appreciate the look and permeability of pebbles, gravel or loose stone, consider how your problem area would look if it were covered in resin-bonded stones. Pour On creates an environmentally-friendly binder that links pebbles, gravel, or small stones into an appealing, low-maintenance landscape feature that won’t travel across your yard. With this resin binder, stones bond together as a unit instead of dispersing and requiring replacement. The natural textures, shapes and colours of stones are retained, and the resulting stabilised stone areas are suitable for foot traffic in patios, pathways, and medians.

Simple, Long-Lasting DIY

You can order Pour On delivered to your door in quantities suitable for the home project of any size. The product is easy to apply yourself to existing stone, and it cures overnight. The resulting surface is safe for you and your pets, and it boasts a design life of up to 7 years. Customisation and repair are also simple procedures you can do yourself.

Problem Area? Applications for Pour On DIY Solution

Easily make a long-lasting, personalised, distinctive feature in what was formerly a problem area. The next time you evaluate your yard, consider creating a resin-bonded stone landscape element.

Not sure how much you need?