Commercial Applications for Pour On in Greening Australia

April 5, 2018

The phrase “environmentally friendly landscaping” might appear to be redundant, since most of us assume that when a property is landscaped it is automatically supportive to the environment. This is only true when the landscaping is provided in such a way that it maintains the delicate balance of the local ecology. At Pour On, we have given a great deal of thought to how our gravel binding resin contributes to greening Australia, allowing nature and commercial land use to exist cooperatively.

Preventing harmful soil erosion.

Let’s take a look at the example of soil erosion. Australia’s native plants are deep-rooting species that hold the soil in place regardless of heavy rainfall. This prevents sediments from runoff entering waterways that choke the life from waterway inhabitants – both plant and animal.

In new commercial construction, typically the natural flora and is removed when the land surface is scraped away to prepare for construction. Eventually, the grounds are landscaped with pavement, concrete, trees, shrubs and lawns. The plan includes drainage to direct runoff from rainfall into the storm water systems. It is estimated that the runoff from urban areas is increased by at least two-thirds. That would be if the area was left intact in its natural state. Our waterways cannot cope with this massive influx of sediments and pollutants.

Pour On sustains the environment.

The Pour On gravel binding resin provides a solution that mimics the effects of the native plant life, yet offers usability for people in a commercial setting.

  • The Pour On system uses a non-toxic resin binder.
  • The binder allows for spaces between the stones making it permeable.
  • Rainwater is absorbed into the earth below.
  • There is no need for drainage systems since the runoff is reduced.
  • The gravel surface acts as a moisture barrier, preventing evaporation and therefore nurtures the neighbouring greenery.

The surface is stable and durable, non-slip and highly attractive, making it ideal for human foot traffic. It is ideal as a base for landscaping features such as outdoor furniture and shade pavilions.

We are proud to say that we contribute to “greening” Australia. Please contact us for assistance with landscaping for your commercial construction.

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