Use Pour On to Mow Less

April 12, 2018

Some people love the smell of a fresh cut lawn but doing the work to keep it green can be a chore. Or, your yard may be so small that mowing becomes a nuisance. Your yard will require less work and you mow less if you replace some or all of the grass with hardscaping and low maintenance landscaping plants. Pour On helps you eliminate mowing when you create attractive seating areas, pathways, and more with affordable materials such as pea gravel or small stones.

Small Yards

There are different ways to mow less in your yard and still keep the greenery. Small yards are easy to makeover. Simply lay a bed of pea gravel and apply Pour On as directed. To add more greenery, use potted plants or create a border for annuals and perennials. Or, plan several garden beds and build a patio to link the beds together.

Larger Yards

For larger yards, consider pathways, rock gardens or seating areas to reduce the size of your lawn. With more space, you are free to use a mixture of materials for hardscaping. Using pavers or brick can be expensive, but lay them with a border of pea gravel and Pour On to both economise and to add different textures and colours to your landscape.

Adding Greenery

Once your hardscaping is in place, pick some low maintenance plants. Greenery native to Australia, such as Happy Wanderer and Christmas Bush, thrive in local conditions and need less care than grass or non-native plants. Herbs such as lavender and ground covers, including pachysandra, are also good solutions. You can even create the look of a formal herb garden by building geometric borders with pea gravel and Pour On.

Economical and Safe

It is inexpensive to lay pea gravel, but adding a coat of Pour On will protect all of your hard work. It keeps small stones in place, preventing your family from kicking them out of place. While Pour On is a binder, it does not create problems with water run-off. It allows water to through the gravel and into the ground, preventing water damage and slippery conditions.

Pour On is safe for use around children, pets and plants. For more information about the many ways you can use Pour On to makeover your yard, pleaseĀ contact us.

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