Applications For Pour On: Elevating Pavers With Gravel Accents

April 19, 2018

Pour On is a low maintenance, easy applying gravel binder for walkway stones, pebbles and more. It drastically cuts the time you (or your employees) will spend tidying your stone landscaping, as well as letting you go creative with ideas for loose stone that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. One of those neat concepts a simple Pour On application unlocks is designing a unique walking space that combines large pavers with a grid of small gravel pathways. Conventionally, this concept undermines the purpose of using large pavers, since you’ll have loose gravel accents disrupting the area anyway. But with Pour On, your landscaping visual concepts are simple to realise.

Here’re three reasons Pour On is the perfect way to enhance your paver layout with gravel accents:

  • Pour On lasts for up to seven years with little to no maintenance. A quick, measured application of Pour On is a small amount of short-term effort that erases countless hours of future maintenance work. The gravel “gutters” between your pavers will hold together effortlessly, meaning no need to continually restore them to their intended location.
  • Your guests won’t notice — and that’s exactly how it should be. Achieving the striking look of a meticulously laid out gravel and paver combination for a walkway or patio will catch the eye. But the binder you’re using? That part stays hidden. Pour On is a binder that makes sure the gravel and pavers are all anyone notices. But you’ll personally know that the reason everything looks so perfectly even, and why the gravel constantly looks freshly tidied up.
  • You can match the right Pour On variant to your project. Pour On comes in Amber and Clear and has an option for a glossy coat, to help your gravel concepts achieve the exact look your project calls for. Pour On can be an invisible binder, or it can actively enhance your walkway’s overall look. It’s up to you.

To learn more about the easy process of applying Pour On to your gravel and paver walkway projects, contact us today!

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