Pour On Keeps Your Outdoor Seating Area Safe and Attractive

April 24, 2018

If you have a yard and love to entertain, you know how much fun it is to bring your guests outside. But, placing chairs and tables directly on the grass is not always practical. Australia’s weather extremes can leave the ground muddy and wet or dry and dusty. An affordable solution is to use Pour On gravel binder and inexpensive hardscaping materials to build an outdoor seating area that always gives you a fresh, easy to clean spot to set up your chairs and tables.

A Practical Space for Entertaining Outdoors

It is simple to build an outdoor patio anywhere you like it in your yard, whether it be next to your home or in a shady grove of trees. Pour On stabilises the smaller materials and creates a safe, practical surface. It does not harm landscaping plants. Your guests will not kick the gravel out of place or trip over it.

Pour On also ensures that your outdoor surface is ready to use with minimal cleaning. You can simply sweep or hose it down. Pour On does not fill in the voids between the stones but allows the water to soak naturally on the ground reducing pooling on the surface. Not only does this make it safer to walk on, but there is no more waiting for your lawn to dry out so you can enjoy the outdoors!

Customise Your Hardscaping

To build your patio or outdoor seating area, select a flat area in your yard. You can lay a simple bed of pea gravel or small stones or you can mix in decorative pavers to enhance the design. Once it is done add your outdoor furniture, potted plants and umbrella.

Pour On is safe for the environment and safe to use around children and pets. Using this binder will ensure that you can use your new hardscaping surface for years without worrying about replacing the gravel or other annoyances. For more information about Pour On gravel binder, pleaseĀ contact us.

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