Pour On Keeps Your Yard Looking Fresh in a Drought

May 1, 2018

Do you struggle with keeping your yard looking good after Australia’s hot, dry summers? Autumn is the time to fix it! A dry landscape created from pea gravel, Pour On and native plants will keep your landscaping looking fresh with little maintenance while your neighbours’ gardens are languishing. Using Pour On on small gravel prevents excessive water run-off and allows your dry landscape to stay in place.

Pick a Spot in Your Yard

It is a great solution for homeowners with “brown” thumbs or for spots where nothing else seems to grow. This low maintenance option doesn’t need watering when the weather heats up.

Get Creative With Materials

Dry landscaping has its roots in Japanese gardens, where gardeners create “ponds” or “streams” made from small stones or gravel. This allows you to shape your hardscaping any way you want and tailor it to fit odd spaces. Pour On stabilises the gravel and keeps looking attractive. It ensures that kids, pets and visitors won’t kick the pebbles out of place. If you rake the pebbles in patterns as is also traditional in Japanese gardens, Pour On will preserve your hard work.

Complete Your Landscape with Plants

The best plants for a dry landscape are plants from arid climates; so when you pick plants native to Australia, avoid the ones naturally found along the humid coastline. Plants such as the small flowered Yellow Buttons and native varieties of hibiscus and eucalyptus are good choices. If you don’t find enough native greenery to your liking, try plants that grow in other hot, dry countries. Silver crown grass from Africa, and agave from Mexico perform well in Australia. Pour On is safe to use around plants, so you can easily use it around your garden beds.

A few large rocks or a bench will further complete your new dry garden. For more ideas and creative uses for Pour On, please contact us.

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