3 Ways to Personalise Stone Pathways with Pour On

May 3, 2018

An attractive and functional pathway adds personality and durability to any home. Pour On, a binder that keeps gravel and stones in place to form a smooth, porous pathway surface, is an excellent choice for homeowners who plan to create or revamp stone pathways on their properties.

Why Choose Pour On?

There are many great reasons to choose Pour On:

  • Pour On provides excellent customer value. Laying brick pathways or caring for large green areas can be costly. In contrast, Pour On is affordable, reliable and lasts in excess of five years. By reducing the need to replace loose gravel, homeowners save additional time and money.
  • Pour On is easy to apply and is suitable for DIY projects.
  • Pour On is great for the environment. It minimizes wastage, sustains materials and allows water to flow through its permeable surface to nearby vegetation. Gardens and stone pathways go hand in hand, and Pour On ensures that plants receive the moisture they need.

3 Ways to Personalise Stone Pathways

  1. Choose Pathway Design 

Numerous pathway ideas will work well with Pour On. For example:

  • Paver stones can be combined with small pebbles to create an appealing and practical look. Pour On is applied to the small stones to keep them in place and to create a tidy appearance.
  • As an alternative to pavers, slats of wood may be used for steps along the path, with complementary crushed gravel or stone surrounding these pieces.
  • Pebbles can be bordered by bricks or large rocks for an easy-to-create yet rustic look. Pour On will help to keep the paving material from being displaced from between the borders.
  1. Choose Stone Type and Colour

Homeowners can express their style by choosing from a wide array of locally sourced stones. Darker stones in red or black add drama, while lighter stones blend in naturally with their surroundings. Gravel, crushed rock and recycled aggregates can be used for pathways, and we recommend provided material is graded between 6 and 10mm. 

  1. Choose Resin Finish

Pour On is available in matte or gloss finish. A matte finish adds to a natural look and highlights the natural beauty of the stones, while a gloss finish looks wet to the eye and conveys elegance.

Pour On is practical, cost effective and versatile. For many homeowners, Pour On is a trusted resource when it comes to pathway design and maintenance. Please contact our excellent customer service team if you would like additional information.

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