Pour On Presents Pathway Possibilities and Protects Planet Earth!

May 8, 2018

In the past, when pathway designers need a material that could last as long as they needed, they often had just three choices: concrete, concrete, and concrete. It got the job done but still looked drab, limited aesthetic options, and harmed the environment. Now, Pour On allows for new possibilities in safe and customisable pathways!

How It Works

Pour On is a one-part polyurethane resin that binds gravel (or other similarly-sized materials) together, leaving natural spaces in between that allow water to pass through. Simply gather the materials together, apply Pour On (two coats recommended), let sit until dry, and voilà! Your fantastic new pathway now has an appealing look and will last up to seven years before needing reapplication. At least you will get the look you’ve always wanted that will still easily hold foot traffic.

How It Helps the Environment

There are two ways that using Pour On makes your pathway greener. The first is that it’s a safe product: it requires minimal preparation or use of equipment. It can be done by oneself, eliminating the need for an entire crew and its invasive tools. Then, once it has set, it is completely inert and works beautifully around mulch and plant life.

The second is that it goes a long way in preventing run-off. Areas prone to storms, heavy rain, and other intense weather are especially susceptible to erosion. Run-off can spread pollutants and toxic substances around the area and into, for example, water streams. Fortunately, by using this resin, you will help prevent degradation and pollution in both now and in the long-term!

Whether it’s a commercial walkway or something as simple as the few stepping stones in your garden, Pour On can get it done. To continue discussing this, or anything else, please Contact Us anytime.

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