Creative Problem Solving Applications for Pour On

May 22, 2018

Pour On is such a versatile product that it can come to the rescue for all kinds of commercial and residential problems. Take a look at some ways customers have used Pour On.


Pour On can help you create the pathway of your dreams, with no more loose gravel escaping into nearby lawns or gardens. Not only will your pathways look pristine for many years, but they will also help your trees and plants get the water they need since Pour On allows a permeable finish by enabling the rainwater to flow between the stones.

Jon Baxter of Davidson, NSW raved about Pour On: “The binder solved a problem I was having with stones on our pathway getting kicked around. Exceeded my expectations.”

Pool Surrounds

Pour On provides a beautiful surface to surround your swimming pool, providing safe footing with low maintenance.

Road Medians

Pour On has been used with great results in road medians around busy highway junctions. Not only is it attractive and environmentally friendly, but clean-up is generally as simple as using a leaf blower to clear leaves and natural debris.


Pour On provides an appealing, low-maintenance alternative to gravel for pavements around buildings of all types.


Pour On makes perfect sense for rooftops, where you don’t want gravel falling onto surfaces (and people!) below.


The possibilities for patios are endless with Pour On. Create the perfect shape and style of patio to compliment your home, and Pour On will help keep it beautiful so you can relax and enjoy it.


One of the benefits of Pour On is that it is so great for the plant life around it. Water easily passes through your garden surfaces, going back into the water table and helping to keep plants and trees green. It also provides a tidy, natural surrounding to showcase your garden elements.

These are just a few of the ways Pour On can help solve your landscaping problems. Contact us to see how we can help you use Pour On for your home or business.

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