Benefits of Using Pour On Gravel Binder

June 8, 2018

Using loose gravel or small pebbles is a wonderful way to change up the look of your landscaping. However, there are some drawbacks to using stones such as keeping them in place or the annual cost of replenishing your gravelled area due to loose stones going missing.

Each year, a significant portion of small pebbles used for landscaping disappears due to natural wear and tear from walking on pathways to weather conditions. But there is a solution: Pour On Gravel Binder will eliminate these issues and allow you to use gravel wherever you want in your yard and landscaping. Today, we’ll go over three excellent benefits of using this Gravel Binder:

1. Drainage Assistance

A major benefit of Pour On’s Gravel Binder is that allows you to have a bound surface. So you will be much better equipped dealing with standing water, potential flood hazards, and unwanted drainage areas. Pour On will help rainwater to drain where you want it to and avoid those places you’d least like to see water building up.

For example, if you commonly experience flooding in your basement, you might consider laying gravel around the perimeter of your home. Arrange the gravel to be about 5 inches from the base of your foundation and angle it on a slight slope away from your home. Apply Pour On and solidify your gravel – it’s as easy as that.

2. Easy Maintenance & Low Cost

Utilizing Pour On within your landscaping will make for easy upkeep. Pour On will lock your pebbles in place, reducing the risk of your stones disappearing to zero! That will result in significantly more affordable upkeep, as you won’t have to replenish the stones year after year. Plus, your landscaping maintenance will be considerably reduced, as you will not have to rake your gravelled areas continuously and weeds have a tough time making their way through Pour On.

3. Great for Kids

By applying Pour On to your gravelled areas, you are eliminating all of those loose stones dancing around your yard. This means no accidental consumption, or attempt thereof, of little stones. It will also increase the safety of your yard by reducing “trip hazards” as small children have a more difficult time with their footing on gravel. Lastly, it just feels better to walk on (this goes for adults too). Pour On will result in a smooth surface that is much gentler for your feet. It even allows you to walk barefoot on your gravel!

For more benefits, inspiration, or information about Pour On Gravel Binder, check out our blog. And don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions you may have.

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