Pour On Allows for Endless Creative Designs

June 11, 2018

Tired of having to pay a fortune to have a stellar yard? Tired of being stuck with the same old drab designs? With the power of Pour On, you can finally say goodbye to these concerns and let your creativity soar.

What Pour On Is

Pour On is Australia’s preferred gravel binder, a one-part polyurethane resin that effectively binds gravel and other loose materials together yet leaves natural voids for water to pass through. You might think that such a powerful product is pricey, but in truth, it is affordable and can easily be applied yourself. Giving you the freedom to choose the creative design you desire.

Not only are you avoiding costs on an expensive crew, but you are also free to design the yard of your dreams! The application is as simple as can be: design your yard, pour on our binder and let sit until dry. Then your area will be completely inert and last up to seven years!

How Pour On Opens Up Opportunity

The resin comes in two types: clear, which works wonderfully with neutral tones such as grey; and amber, which complements more primary tones such as red. By implementing these two tones, tons of new possibilities will open up for you to develop a gorgeous array of colours that stand out from the crowd.

Not only that, you have much more gravel choices. Perhaps you’ll go with the ever-popular pea gravel or maybe go with yellow gravel to give it that special touch. You can add stones of multiple sizes to diversify the layout. Do be aware that it is recommended that you do not use fine gravel, as it does not work well with the resin. For that extra eye-popping shine, apply our Gloss Coat the day afterwards.


Contact us for any comments, questions, or landscaping advice. Here’s to a beautiful yard!

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