3 Ways Pour On Shortens Your Maintenance List After a Bad Storm

June 15, 2018

Storms can make a mess of backyard landscaping. Heavy rain can flood patches of grass and make paths impossible to navigate. High winds can strip leaves off your trees and crack the branches. Even the sturdiest plants and the most level yards can take a few days to recover from storms. While Pour On can’t solve all of those problems, it can cut down your maintenance to-do list and make it much easier for you to repair the damage. Here’s how:

Lock down your stone and gravel walkways.

If it’s been a while since your region’s last major storm, then your soil is likely to be parched and will have started shifting around. In case of heavy rainfall or storm, that unstable footing combined with all that stormwater can make your garden paths move. So make sure to take precautions. Pour On is an easy-to-use binder that keeps your path in one piece. It stabilises the gravel and small stones, so you aren’t left with a backyard full of gravel and a missing walkway, while naturally draining the stormwater.

Your garden path won’t flood.

Pour On ensures your pathway or patio will remain porous. That means rain which falls onto your area, will fall through the voids and go straight back into the earth. With a nonporous surface, that water has nowhere to go and will accumulate in dirty puddles until it evaporates. You’ll often see storms leave behind muck and mildew on a non-porous surface. And worse, see that muck drain into our drainage pipes and sewer systems. With Pour On, the water will pass through the gravel back into the ground.

Clean-up is easier.

When your garden paths don’t flood, you’ll have a much easier time getting through your maintenance for your backyard. You can start gathering up branches and raking the leaves without jumping from dry spot to dry spot. You’ll also have a firm footing as you begin to inspect your garden beds.

Cleaning up your yard after a storm can be a chore. But it shouldn’t be a long list of messy tasks. Contact us to see how easy it is to pour our binder and keep your paths in place.




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