Don’t Let Debris Mix into Your Garden Pebbles

June 18, 2018

Leaves, cleaning and gravel

Getting your backyard ready for the changing seasons can be fun. If you’re a gardener at heart, there’s a lot to do to winterise your plants, bring in the last of the harvest, and keep your yard organised. Even if you don’t have a green thumb and you aren’t a fan of landscaping, a lot of maintenance tasks are simple. Mowing the lawn only takes a bit of time and slow-growing hedges don’t need that much attention. But if there is one task nobody likes, it’s clearing up the leaves.

Leaves get everywhere. They clog up the gutters. They clutter up the mulch and can make your grass grow in patches. Even worse, they start mixing into the gravel in your garden paths. And picking them all out without wrecking the pathway is a tedious chore that nobody likes.

If you’re tired of your gravel walkways always finding their way onto your yard work’s to-do list, find the root of the problem:

  • Are leaves and twigs mixing into the gravel?
  • Do all the pebbles get scattered when you rake over them?
  • Are weeds taking root in between the rocks?

No matter how well you maintain a gravel path and try to keep the stones concentrated, a loose layer of gravel will always attract more leaves and yard debris. Instead of always packing them back into place, stick them together in a single layer. A stone binder like PourOn can hold your gravel together so it forms a pebbly sheet that doesn’t move around. Leaves and twigs can’t work their way into the gravel, no one can break up the path with a rake, and nothing can take root beneath it to break through the surface.

Go to Pour On to see how simple Pour On is to add to your gravel paths for easier yard maintenance.

Not sure how much you need?