Applications for PourOn: Bring a little Artistry to your Outdoors

June 22, 2018


One of the fabulous things about Pour On is that it allows homeowners and property owners to individualise their properties in personalised, artistic ways to perfectly suit their style. 

One look through our gallery of completed projects shows how creative Pour On allows you to be in creating a one-of-a-kind look to perfectly suit your home or business. Why look like every other place on the block, when you can make a statement and show your personality with a beautiful landscape like no other?

With Pour On, you can:

  • Choose the colour of the stones you use
  • Combine colours
  • Incorporate patterns
  • Tailor it to fit your space
  • Create the mood you want and set the tone
  • Add plants, large rocks and statement features
  • Complement gardens and structures
  • Use rounded or straight lines for borders
  • Match the style of your home or business
  • Create your own unique design
  • Express your personality
  • Customise your hardscaping
  • Make the area around your home or business a work of art

The benefits of PourOn

Pour On is easy to use, can work with existing stones, leaves you with a porous finish to reduce runoff and aids the environment all at the same time. Pour On is also quick to install and is easy on your budget as it will last up to 7 years.

Best of all, once you create your ideal look, it’s a breeze to maintain. You can spend your time enjoying your beautiful new landscape, not taking care of it. Say no more to boring landscapes and generic pathways. Pour On can help you create a truly unique look and make your property a work of art in itself.

We offer free nationwide delivery and are eager to help you plan the perfect landscape for your property. Contact us to get started today.

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