3 Terrific Projects for Building a Sturdy Backyard

June 25, 2018

Once the weather cools down a bit and the growing season slows down, it’s time to decide what changes you want to make in your garden. You can plan ahead for spring’s garden beds, decide which landscaping features need a bit of an update, and think about adding a hardscape feature or two. But some changes in your backyard should be more than aesthetic. Here are three easy changes that make your backyard safer and easier to enjoy.

1. Protect your outdoor air conditioning unit with a gravel barrier

Outdoor condenser units play a large part in your home’s ventilation. But if the fan and vent are clogged with weeds and ivy, they can’t do their jobs and circulate out the old air. Aggressive plants can also bend the grill and dig into the wiring. That’s why a lot of condensers are installed on a concrete platform. But if you want an environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing alternative, you need something else. The solution is simple: build a thick gravel border and bind it into a single layer with Pour On to keep all the benefits of a concrete platform without harming the earth underneath or the look of your yard.

2. Line your deck with a gravel border.

Just like your condenser unit should be protected with a thick barrier to stop plants from growing too, your deck needs a bit of protection from plants. If you have a wooden deck, separating it from the grass can provide a useful barrier between the moisture from the grass and your lovely deck and a well-placed border can also drain excess rainwater away.

3. Make your paths more walkable.

Leaving your gravel paths alone for even a single season can turn them into a disaster of scattered gravel. Make it a priority to bind the stones together with Pour On. Not only does that turn the gravel strip into strong panels that need far less cleanup, it makes them safer to walk on.

Go to Pour On here to see how easy your gravel projects can be.

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