Pour On: Simplistic Solutions with Easy Application

July 4, 2018

Use Pour On to add dimension and aesthetics to your next project. 

Pour On is a resin binder that will bind your gravel into place. It essentially glues your stones together, while leaving the natural voids between the stones so water can still pass through. Pour On provides an easy-to-use system for binding and stabilising gravel. It was created to be as simple as possible. Its’ incredible ease promises a user-friendly experience to create beautiful stone pathways without any fuss!

The Application Process

The Pour On application process is as simple as it gets.

  1. Match Your Stone

To your desired binder type (or colour).

For dark brown, dark grey and black stone – use Amber binder.

For golden, tan, white and light stone – use the Clear binder.

  1. Prepare Your Surface

By ensuring it is dry, level and free of debris. Protect all edging and surrounding surfaces.

  1. Pour

The resin over the surface, smooth off as needed, and leave to dry overnight. Apply additional coats as required. Often, two coats will be enough.

For a visual example, check out this short video!

A Few of the Benefits…

Good for the Environment: Unlike concrete or asphalt, Pour On leaves you with a porous surface which allows rainwater to return to the water table as soon as the rain lands. This means no stormwater runoff washing pollutants into the wetlands.

Safety First: This product will eliminate the possibility of young children or animals accidentally ingesting small stones.

Low Maintenance & Saves Money: These two benefits tie into one. Pour On will leave you with low maintenance upkeep as your stones will not wash away, be kicked into the grass, or settle into the ground. You will not be restoring your rock garden or pathway year after year, which will save you some big bucks.

If you would like to find out more about what Pour On can add to your next project feel free to Contact Us anytime.

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