Protect Your Hardscaping Investment with Pour On

July 6, 2018

Finishing a hardscaping project you have completed yourself around the home is remarkably rewarding, especially if you did it on your own. But, if you chose materials such as pea gravel or small stones to save money, you will want to protect your hard work and investment with a coat of Pour On gravel stabilizer. Pour On will not only keep your gravel in place but make the surface safer, more attractive and environmentally friendly.

Pour On Advantages

Pea gravel is a versatile and practical hardscaping material. But, small stones can easily get kicked out of place, wash away in the rain, or simply become scattered over time. As this happens, the surface becomes both unattractive and unsafe to walk on with loose gravel becoming a tripping hazard. Before you can allow the small children or seniors in your family to walk across this surface, you often have to spend precious time raking it back into place, or even buying more stones. Pour On gravel stabilizer is an easier solution offering an attractive and effective way to keep your yard in order.

Safe and Easy to Maintain

Pour On is simple to install and offers a reliable solution. It keeps small stones in place so that the surface is always ready for use. It also enables the surface to remains porous, so water soaks through, preventing slippery spots and runoff. Because of this, it is also easy to hose off the surface so you can quickly clean up after your next outdoor activity. Without stabilizer, ugly debris nestles into the stones that make it hard to remove.

If you have landscaping in place before you begin your project, you do not have to worry about damaging expensive greenery. Pour On is environmentally friendly and safe to use as its inert once cured. Because of this, it makes a practical border around vegetable and flower gardens in addition to being great patio material.

Inexpensive and ideal for a family backyard, Pour On is easy to clean, environmentally safe and simple to use.

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