Use Pour On to Clean and Decorate Your Roof

July 11, 2018

By now you’ve read plenty about how Pour On excels at maintenance around the building. But what about on top of it? This miracle product excels at both clearing and transforming rooftops.

Often home and business owners will neglect this small, yet crucial, part of the building. A messy roof can lead to many greater problems in the future if left untreated. ┬áIf it doesn’t drain properly, large pools of water can place a long-term strain on your building or spill over onto the building site.

Ornamental rocks, pebbles, and other small materials give your roof that extra sparkle. The problem, however, is that they can get displaced far too easily, causing a potential hazard for people below and potentially even ruining your design. Pour On will keep them in place for up to seven years.

The process is a breeze:

  • Clear the rooftop as you normally would
  • Decorate if desired
  • Apply Pour On resin
  • Let sit until dry

Once dry, the resin remains in place and water will pass through without pooling, flowing easily and freely only where it’s supposed to. The gravel and other materials are effectively glued together while keeping natural voids, binding everything together without adding extra stress. Remember, it keeps the clutter out and the glamour in!

The process takes no time at all, so you can achieve your dream roof in no time.

Pour On, and our sister product StoneSet, improve and extend the lifespan and functionality of your rooftops and yards.

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